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“It is not me who cures - God is the healer. I am simply the vessel”
- John of God (João Teixeira de Faria)








Medium (mee-de-um) A medium is a person through whom the spirits of the departed or non-physical plane are said to be able to contact the living.

Channel (chan-el) A psychic medium entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey communication, or even physical actions, from a spiritual guide.

Who is John of God?

In a quiet, serene village in Brazil, lives a remarkable man who, for over 43 years, has been healing people from all over the world. People of all ages, from all walks of life, with every conceivable ailment, many declared terminal or incurable. From the poorest of the poor to heads of state and celebrities, over 20 million have come to see him. None are turned away and his work has always been done for free.

Most remarkable of all, is how this humble man of poor origins heals those who come to him. João Teixeira de Faria, who has come to be known as John of God, has had, since early age, the unique ability and gift of being a spiritual medium able to channel spiritual entities that act through him to heal those in need. To date, there are at least 30 entities identified that work through him in the healing work. He has been the subject of many books and films. Scientific study and documentation of the results of John of God’s work place the cure rate at a remarkable 85%.

How Do The Healings Occur?

For those who are unfamiliar with spiritual healing, it may be a challenge understanding exactly what occurs. However, for those who are familiar, it is simply a very powerful and profound expression and experience of spiritual phenomenon. One of the entities that works through John is the spirit of St. Ignatius of Loyola (Dom Inacio de Loyola) who, during his lifetime, put it best. “For those who believe, no words are necessary; for those who do not believe, no words are possible."

In 2011, Oprah Winfrey sent a crew to the “Casa” in Brazil to do a show on John of God after her producer had an extraordinary, life-changing experience seeing him. A very insightful segment involved respected psychologist and doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, who had much academic and professional skepticism when he went to the Casa. The story of his observations, realizations and personal transformation is profound. (Se the Oprah video is below.)

Basically, the spirit entities that channel through medium John perform visible and invisible surgeries. The majorities of people receive invisible surgery, during which the healing spirits energetically change physical conditions and also bring about miraculous changes on mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. Amazingly, visible surgeries are done with a scalpel or knife without anesthesia or antiseptic yet no one has ever had infection or complications from his work.

When John of God channels the healing spirits they completely “incorporate” (take over his body and mind). John, as medium channeler, has no recollection of the sessions later. The people coming to see him pass before him, one by one, and are scanned by the spirit entities who perform the appropriate healing. For some, the effect is immediate, for others healing unfolds over time and for others, additional visits are required.

The love and divine energy that flows through John of God touches everyone who visits him and makes the Casa a sacred space that, through the great love and energy, is uplifting and transformational. The energy is enhanced by the Casa being specifically located on a massive quartz (crystal) formation which lies underneath it.

Robin, Your Personal Guide To Help You Go To John of God!

Now, you have the unique and special opportunity to personally go to see John of God in Brazil with Robin Pollisky, Approved Guide for John and the Casa, as your personal guide. Robin will help and assist you in making your trip and will manage the aspects of your stay. The comfort and care from your personal guide will provide you the security and peace of mind to allow you focus on your personal healing experience.

Casa Crystal Baths Now Available Here In The US!

An important feature of the Casa are the crystal baths – a powerful energetic modality using crystals that have been imbued by the entities to promote healing throughout the body and spirit. Robin was charged with bringing to the United States a crystal healing bath bed that was selected specifically by John and entities. Therefore, it is now possible to get the Casa crystal bath treatments right here in the United States.

You can use the reservation and appointments page here to get information about, and make arrangement for, healing trips to John of God and for Casa crystal healing baths.

Even though John has facilitated healing of every conceivable condition, even cancer and AIDs, not many people know, you do not have to be ill to come on the John of God Brazil trips, many people visit John of God in order to further their spiritual growth or to become aligned with their life’s mission. Many intuitives and clairvoyants, for example, find their abilities greatly increased as a result of their visits.

If you have been considering these extraordinary experiences, now is the time to do so. Many have found that when this possibility and opportunity has come into their lives, it was for a reason.

It is suggested and encouraged to make reservations early for the trip to visit John so that trip spaces are available for you.

NoteAs part of healings, John of God performs both "visible surgeries" and "invisible surgeries".  The visible surgeries are by choice and not required.  While some them seen in the video below may seem a little graphic, doctors who have been present have been astounded to observe that subjects feel little to no discomfort, there are no infections, etc.  The only noted effects have been those of beneficial nature according to the individuals who choose to have them


Here is an excerpt of Oprah Winfrey's show on john of God.
Note the remarkable experience of Dr. Jeffrey Rediger
starting at counter marker 6:00.

Here is an amazing interview with famed author and lecturer,
Dr. Wayne Dyer, regarding his healing from Leukemia and John of God.


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